we will be honest, If you are awful...

Acces Denied

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- must be a nice person and nice to others
- cannot be mad if he/she does not get in. You have another try to get in after 73 min.
- put down your sword, and offer a cup of love
- cannot like Korn
- must fill out the whole application to be considered for admittence
- cannot post about being vegan/straight edge more than one time every three days
- must post at least once a week to tell us that you are still interested
- if the pigs try to get at you, park it like it's hot, park it like it's hot

It's skull cracking time.....................

[favorite color]
[10 favorite bands]
[Favorite lyric]
[3 things you like]
[3 things you dislike]
[Why should you be accepted?]
[Do you believe in ghosts?]
[What is your favorite animal]
[Gollum or E.T.]
[Speed racer or Racer X]
[We would prefer at least 2 pics of yourself]