Jessizzzle (desertsnowflake) wrote in morelikenotlame,

Bitch monkeys...i just ran into the cd thing on the computer when it was out holding the cd i just burned, and now it makes a really weird noise when i press eject. i think i broke it...but i'm not sure. Hopefully not my mom will have a fitt. thats right...with two t's...

anyways that was my post for the week kids.
probably one of the lamest posts i've ever made, but i'm trying to keep it as less lame as possible but the fact is i have a boring life...i hear sirens going by my house...neat. Yeah i hear another one...i've heard like 3 now. CRAZY.

sorry for boring you i'm sure you could all care less about sirens...i find them fun though, especially imitating them, i know them by heart...then again who doesn't? You don't even have to use your mind to remember a siren...

DAMnt i'm done...
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