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[Name] Rebecca Moon


[Sex]Female (girl)

[Location]Corpus Christi, Texas. (Selina died here)

[favorite color]green.

[10 favorite bands]fear before the march of flames, everytime i die, cursive, braid, daphne loves derby, evergreen terrace, hey mercedes, mae, the shins, the red chord.

[Favorite lyric]walls crash down around us standing atop the ocean these breaking waves threaten to drown the world and this canvas of sheets so ethereal morning comes to breakfast please tell me before I wake.

[3 things you like]clothes, sushi, music.

[3 things you dislike]annoying girls, concieted girls, not being able to whistle with my lips. (like jas)

[Why should you be accepted?]because i know the 2 mods, AND, because this is the best community EVER.

[Do you believe in ghosts?] sometimes.

[What is your favorite animal]alpaca.

[Gollum or E.T.] E.T

[Speed racer or Racer X]speed racer

[We would prefer at least 2 pics of yourself]



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